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You can still hear your mom saying: “What if all your friends jumped off a cliff? Would you do it, too?” or “I don't care what ‘everyone’ is doing, you’ll do what I say.” What’s worse is Mom was right. The eyebrow-piercing thing really was a fad.

These days you can satisfy your inner wannabe without any regrets by signing up for Play @ Savvy Circle, the new offshoot of online sale-finder Savvy Circle , developed by Punahou grad Jon Sugihara. Like an online clique, the site offers serious deals – like a $30 gift certificate to JJ Dolan’s for only $15 – but only if a minimum number of people join (or “play”) for each offer by the set deadline.

Here’s how it works: when you see a deal you want (there’s a new one every day), you sign on and enter your payment info. Don’t worry, nothing is charged when you register. You then tell your friends to sign on for it, too, and if enough people “play,” you score the deal.

It’s the ultimate retail popularity contest: when you really want something, you can email blast all your peeps, upping your chance to turn your bid into real bucks. Even better, you can select to be notified when only your fave local restaurants and retailers are offering specials. That way, you avoid all that annoying spam in the ol’ inbox.

And this time around? It will pay to be popular.

Visit Play @ Savvy Circle online at or on Twitter @playsavvycircle