Chow Hound

Lei Chic Dog: Bartender, get me a frisky sour, double, and keep 'em coming.

Bartender: You seem a little spot under the collar. What's wrong?

Dog: It's my owner. Things have been a little ruff lately, especially when it comes to meals. I know she means well, but the kibble she gives me is just so dry and tasteless. We're totally stuck in a mutt.

Bartender: Tell her to call Island Dog Deli. Owner Maria Robson-Watanabe began making her own pet food when her two poodles became sick and listless. She uses fresh, organic, mostly local ingredients, and all-natural recipes she brought back from Japan. The result: a line of nutritious meals, snacks and desserts any dog would drool over.

Lei ChicYou'll dig the pizza with chicken "crust," topped with cottage cheese, tomato, eggs and mushrooms. Then there's free-range Hawaii beef jerky, made with Big Island beef Robson-Watanabe dehydrates herself. And for a special treat, an adorable puppy-shaped carrot sponge cake with kabocha pumpkin "frosting," minus the butter, sugar and salt.

Dog: What if I'm hounded by wheat allergies?

Bartender: No problem. Just pick up a package of gluten-free pumpkin biscuits or tasty nutritional "furikake" supplements with crushed sesame seeds, dried sardines and bonito flakes.

Dog: It sounds paw-sitively delish.

And exactly what we breed.

Island Dog Deli is available online. Biscuits $5.50, Furikake $6-7, Assorted Jerky $7-$10, Pizza $20, Cakes $20-$30. Ready-made snacks are available at Ohana Doggie Day Care and Spa, 611 Cooke St.; Aloha Dog, 525B Cummins St.; and The Pet Corner, Ward Warehouse, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd. Suite 1105.