Chic Attack: The New BYCHARI Collection

Dive into black-diamond necklaces and shark-teeth pendants.
Photos: Samantha Feyen


Is anyone else feeling absolutely ravenous? Hungry for something new and fresh? Jonesing for a pretty little morsel that we can really sink our teeth into?

That’s probably why we’re ready to attack the new BYCHARI collection. These feminine pieces feature two qualities that designer Chari Cuthbert has had a real taste for lately: Black diamonds—her unconventional take on the classic girl’s best friend—and always-edgy shark teeth.

Think a delicate T-shaped necklace made of coal-black gems, and golden tooth pendants with matching stud earrings. Cuthbert’s beaded necklace also doubles as a wrap bracelet and comes in green, blue or black, accented with seven shark-tooth charms. She’s all about the understated details: Layer gold bar pendants (each variation on the bar necklace represents a different surf spot) with the black-diamond strand. These pieces’ versatility will float your boat so much, you’ll want to haul in the whole lot.

Actually, it looks like you’re gonna need a bigger boat.