Chews Wisely Nothing passes your lips that isn’t fresh and healthy – you’ve dabbled in macrobiotics, perfected a delicious kale dish, and you (try to) stick to sugar-free desserts.

So when it comes to your canine’s cuisine, why are you feeding him low-grade canned junk that could make him one sick puppy?

Your hound deserves healthy, wholesome ingredients just as much as you do. So treat him to meals from Favored Feast, the new local business that whips up homemade, nutritious dog food.

The concept began when Catherine Dichner’s beloved Rottweiler, Akula, was throwing up every store-bought dog food she gave him. Her vet recommended a homemade diet, and after feeding Akula chicken and rice, his sensitive stomach issues were over. She began experimenting with other recipes, and her pet project quickly bloomed into a business.

The food for your Fido can be delivered weekly to your home, and Dichner cooks everything in her own kitchen. She uses all human-grade meats, vegetables and grains from local restaurant suppliers, such as Wongs Meat Market and D. Otani Produce. Then she adds in nutritional extras like bone meal powder from Kale’s Natural Foods, plus sprouted flax meal, seaweed and brown rice to ensure the pooches get all the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that they need.

But what’s best is what you won’t find – there are no meat by-products, chemical additives, or fillers. The recipes follow safety guidelines from veterinary nutritionists, and are tailored to meet her clients’ needs. She then vacuum-seals each portion to ensure freshness and flavor for up to 10 days in your refrigerator.

Dichner also goes to great lengths to ensure top-notch taste. Because the food is entirely human-quality, she samples the recipes herself – just a bit of salt and pepper and it tastes fine.

But you won’t need to go that far. It’s your furry friend who will go bow WOW for this puppy chow.

Favored Feast is priced by the pound, and you can subscribe for weekly or monthly packages. Available for pickup, or for delivery in East O‘ahu. For more information, call 808.394.6656 or visit