Cheeseburger From Paradise

You like to live life on the edge. Not the Brittany Spears kind of teeter-totter (which is really over the edge), but you know—free, loose and with a healthy rush of excitement.

Now you can add eating at the long-awaited, now-open Burgers on the Edge to your list of daring adventures. A quick counter service joint conceptualized by the devilishly decadent palates behind Formaggio, BOTE serves up an outrageous made-to-order gourmet burger designed by you.

Select your meat (half-pound premium ground chuck or Wagyu beef, turkey, chicken breast or Portobello mushroom); www.leichic.comone fabulous cheese (think gruyere and havarti); an over-the-top sauce (cabernet wine or jalapeno ketchup anyone?); and if you can handle it, four additional toppings, like a fried egg or perhaps sundried tomatoes.

Somehow paralyzed by such invigorating options? Stick with BOTE’s favorite tempting concoctions, like the Thanksgiving-style turkey burger or The Parisian with Wagyu beef, foie gras, caramelized apples and onions in a port wine reduction. Then abandon all self-control and add a side of addictive truffled or sweet potato fries, Cobb or Caesar salad, and a Haagen Daas treat for dessert. And while you wait, sit out under the stars and sip your favorite (byob) vintage.

If you dare.

Burgers on the Edge , 890 Kapahulu Ave. Suite 100 (at the Avenue Shops at Safeway Center), Honolulu, 808.737.8866