Charmed, I'm Sure

The year is off to an excellent start—knock on wood. Not that you’re superstitious or anything. But you know there’s more beneath a surface appearance, and simple chance can lift life from good to stunning.

Husband and wife team Fran and Anson Tsang agree. That’s why their Tsang & Mirai jewelry line is designed to express outer beauty and inner meaning.

To compose each simple and edgy piece, they carefully use color, shape, carvings and the language of semi-precious stones to impart individual significance.

www.leichic.comTheir collection includes delicate red satin bracelets adorned with a hand-stamped lotus disc, carved jade blossom rings, modern resin and origami paper pendants, geometric rings made of local woods and African Ebony, and even charm necklaces with silver flowers and protective jade elephant carvings.

Choose the look that speaks to you, or a stone or carving with a connotation that resonates with your life. Or, just have some fun and get a stone that prevents you from getting too tipsy (there really is one).

And if you desire a specific subtext, they’ll coordinate stones and colors to make you a custom-tailored adornment.

www.leichic.comKind of like your own personal good luck charm.

Available at Cupcake Boutique in Ward Centre, 808. 597.8305; MA Honolulu , 449 Kapahulu Ave. Suite #102 , 808.738.2769; and all O‘ahu craft fairs. Online at

2011 update: Since our article, the Cupcake Boutique and MA Honolulu have closed down.  The Tsang and Mirai website appears to be down.  We'll let you know when the line returns.