Change of Art

Lei Chic Donate that bag of clothes you haven't worn in over five years to Goodwill? Check. Clean off the perma-pile of papers that covered your desk and forced you to work on the coffee table? Check. Finally get rid of that ugly clown lamp Aunt Helen gave you as a housewarming gift ("It broke? I'm SO bummed!")? Check.

But now that you've finished your spring cleaning, your place is looking a little bare.

Lei ChicFreshen it up with some fun, new products from Honolulu Museum of Art Shop, a mini-museum of things you can actually take home.

Give your room pizzazz with Zzzoo Lights – translucent, origami-esque Italian LED lamps in the form of cuddly cats, penguins, hedgehogs, elephants and more. Some also come in a mini version that change colors when you clap.

Explore the intricate workings of Thomas Mann's mixed metal earrings and bracelets with gear-like machinery in romantic shapes. Chuckle at New Mexico designer Kristin Lora's humorous take on jewelry (tiny people play tennis or ride vespas from your ears). Then share your love of art with Petit Sauvage notecards, featuring whimsical illustrations by Japanese artist Aya Kakeda.

Lei ChicOn your way out, pick up a colorful pair of Save the Earth's eco-chopsticks that pull apart and fit into a tiny travel case with a fun lid/holder. You can always test them out while lunching at the museum's cafe next door.

Now's the perfect time for a spring preening.

Because it's always good to have a little culture stock.

Honolulu Museum of Art, 900 S. Beretania St. Admission to the shop is free. Call (808) 532-8700 or click here for more information.