Chairman of the Board

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Sounds like the perfect True Hollywood Story you love to gossip about on the beach with your BFF doesn’t it?

But the new memoir “Kelly Slater: For The Love” is more True Hale‘iwa Story than The Hills.

Turns out, Slater is a political tree hugger and a deep thinker who writes poetry and music. He uses more surfboards than anyone on the planet, and is troubled by it. He’s always late, loves avocados and credits golf for improving his life. He’s also dad to a 12-year-old daughter named Taylor.

The pages are peppered with hundreds of postcard perfect images of Slater from Mundaka to Malibu, and Tavarua to Tahiti. Lots of notable friends drop in on the visual globe trekking tour too: Jack Johnson, Eddie Vedder, Shane Dorian, Tom Curren and many more. And yep, there’s dish on a certain blonde named Pam.

And for surfing purists who could care less about who else might be mentioned in that little black book of his, Slater reveals there is one wave that still haunts him.

Wonder what her name is.

“Kelly Slater: For The Love” is on sale today at Quiksilver stores and Barnes and Noble.