CD Reviews: Sabrina, and Hula Honeys


The Anomaly

(Max Rookie Publishing)

It’s just a six-song EP, but this new collection of originals by Hawai‘i-born Sabrina Velazquez is ridiculously full of promise. With the songwriting chops to craft both hooky, pop-rock gems such as “Right Way” and moody torch songs like “Fast As I Can,” and a voice that makes them come alive, Velazquez sounds ready for the big time. Until we see a full-length release, The Anomaly is on repeat.


Hula Honeys

Girl Talk

(Ululoa Pond)


Ginger Johnson and Robyn Kneubuhl are back with their second album, a set of light, hapa-haole tunes laced with jazz that recalls Hawai‘i during its Boat Days. I initially balked at the duo’s affected vocals, which can sometimes border on camp, but it turned out to be hard to resist the narcotic steel guitar on “Dream (When You’re Feeling Blue)” and the delicate swing of Duke Ellington classic “It Don’t Mean a Thing.”