Catching Up With Hawai‘i’s Own Victoria’s Secret Runway Model, Keke Lindgard

She’s fresh off her first Victoria’s Secret runway show; we caught up with the surfer-girl-turned-supermodel to talk lingerie, Lady Gaga and local fashion.
Keke Lindgard HONOLULU Fashion Week
Lindgard in the Manaola Hawai‘i runway show during HONOLULU Fashion Week 2016.
Photo: David Croxford


Age: 22

Hometown: Ka‘a‘awa

Currently resides: Brooklyn

Agency: Nomad Mgmt,
Women Management

Résumé: Ad campaigns for Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

The day before the [Victoria’s Secret] casting, I got really sick. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t even walk, I was so sick. I was up until 3 in the morning having to order Pedialyte to my apartment. It was crazy. But I pounded that Pedialyte and it worked.


Once I finished the casting I felt accomplished for just doing my best. Then I got the call later that evening. I didn’t think I was going to be so overwhelmed with emotion. I just started bawling. I sat on the floor and couldn’t believe that everything I had worked for—I didn’t get to go to high school, I didn’t get to go to prom, I didn’t get to walk at graduation—it all had gone to this and I was so overwhelmed with happiness.


They make the runway outfit to fit you perfectly. I was in the mountain romance section, which I loved—it was really pretty and whimsical. And Lady Gaga performed during that segment. She was amazing. We walked the runway twice and the first time we held hands going down the runway. 

  Keke Lindgard Victoria's Secret show

Lindgard backstage at the Victoria’s Secret 2016 runway show with casting team members (left to right) Shaun Beyen, Arianna Pradarelli and John Pfeiffer.
Photo: Courtesy of Keke Lindgard


In between the casting and the show, I came home for HONOLULU Fashion Week. There was a huge change this year—there were so many more shows. I’m so happy people are stoked on fashion in Hawai‘i. 


Manaola Yap’s work is amazing. I was thrilled to do his show. I love that he puts the Hawaiian spirit and history and all of the myths and different stories into his clothing. The effort and thought that he and his family put into it really is inspiring.


I go to school online. It’s nice to know that my body and what I look like aren’t the only things I have going for me. Sometimes it can feel like that, and it’s a lot of pressure. My major is psychology, and right now I’m studying sociology, which is pretty interesting. 


Working out is very mental for me. I have to get a workout in or do something active to stay sane. I do rowing classes, I like to go to the pool and swim. I love boxing. I do a lot of hot yoga because it’s so cold. I go for long runs over the bridges. I mix it up as much as I can.


I love listening to the Bruddah Iz station on Pandora. I’ll walk around New York and listen to him and to Hawaiian songs. It’s such a contradiction because I’m in this concrete jungle but I’m listening to aloha-spirited music that makes me so happy.