Car Talk

Some things you don't want to be caught doing while driving – you know, picking your nose, rocking out to Miley Cyrus or, as of 12 days from now, talking on your cell phone. 

Get caught cell-handed, and you’ll be slapped with a $67 fine for driving while talking, texting, or even just holding your cell phone – and the rates will go up for repeat offenses.

Staying on the right side of this law means you need to call Hands Free Hawai‘i. Owner Terence Yorga can install a custom system in your car that routes your calls through your car speakers, with cool features like voice-activated dialing – similar to what the newest car models come equipped with. So you can pretend you’re rollin’ in a ‘09 Benz instead of your ’92 Buick.

There are also portable hands-free adapters that mount on the visor or dashboard of any car – no matter what you’ve got for wheels or your phone model, most will be compatible. You’ll also get expert installation and a lifetime installation warranty.

The best part? They deliver – meaning you can schedule an installation at home, at work or anywhere on the island. 

That’s one for the road.

Hands Free Hawai‘i. 77 South Pauahi Street. Call 808.226.2929 or visit