Can You Name that Hawaii Candidate’s Political Slogan?

Can you tell us which slogan belongs to each of these 11 Hawaii Candidates?

Turns out most candidates for local office have similar slogans—they’re all “serving Hawaii,” and “working for Hawaii.” We challenge you to test your campaign smarts with this list of slogans from some familiar politicians. Some of these are fairly easy to figure out (Hee4LG isn’t fooling anyone). Not all campaigns have official slogans, so we grabbed some tag lines from television commercials or from campaign websites. We thought this game would be easy, but some of these slogans are so generic they might as well have been bought in the “one-size-fits-most” aisle at Slogans R Us.  Test your political savvy.


From left to right: a. Shan Tsutsui b. Clayton Hee c. Neil Abercrombie (2010) d. Neil Abercrombie (2014) e. David Ige f. Mufi Hannemann g. Duke Aiona h. Brian Schatz i. Colleen Hanabusa j. Donna Mercado Kim k. Mark Takai l. Stanley Chang


  1. Trust. Respect. Balance. For the people of Hawaii

  2. Working for Hawaii Values in the Senate

  3. Working with Others to Develop Rational Balanced Solutions

  4. Moving Hawaii Forward

  5. Think independently…Come home to the middle

  6. Hee4LG

  7. A Strong Voice for Hawaii

  8. Digging Deeper for Hawaii

  9. It’s All Within Our Reach

  10. Agenda for Change

  11. A New Beginning

  12. Serving the People of Hawaii






Answer Key: 1. g; 2. h; 3. e; 4. d; 5. f; 6. b; 7. j; 8. k; 9. a; 10. l; 11. c; 12. i