Cake Walk

Time to come clean. Your latest health kick has gotten a bit excessive, and you’ve been forcing your friends and family to eat more tofu and raw foods than anyone should have to consume.

Before anyone revolts, serve up a peace offering of one (or both) of Cake Envy’s brand new cheesecake flavors. The first is a classic s’more cheesecake with graham crackers, chocolate chunks and mini-marshmallows lightly toasted for that campfire taste. The second, a Cosmopolitan cheesecake, is made just like the cocktail with Grey Goose vodka, Triple Sec, lime, and cranberry juice in honor of the Sex and the City film.

www.leichic.comJust like their 30 other light and creamy varieties, each 9-inch, 5-pound cake is made to order with premium ingredients, real cookie crusts, and serves about 16 people. The Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and Strawberry Silk cakes have recently won awards, not surprising since owner Amy Agar has been perfecting her recipes since 1995, around the time Cake Envy first opened in Spain. If none of the flavors tickle your fancy, tell Amy what you like and she’ll whip up your whim, even if it’s low-carb, low-fat, or heart-shaped.

So you can stop power tripping.

And let them eat cheesecake.

 Available for 24-hour minimum advance order online at Try a slice at  Soul de Cuba , Chuck’ Steakhouse or Cellar in Waikiki , or Chuck’s Steak and Seafood in Ko‘olina.