Cake It Up, Baby!

Your oven gives you no lovin’.

Your popovers popped, your cookies crumbled, and your soufflés fell souf-flat. It’s enough to make you ready to desert desserts.

Thank goodness for Baby Cakes, the brand new Island bakery that makes kitchen duty a cake walk. They’ll whip up gourmet, made-to-order cupcakes that can be customized with a mix of delicious fillings, frostings and flavors.

The icing on the cake? They're delivered right to your front door.

The tasty concept was cooked up by Honolulu Advertiser food writer Kawehi Haug and her co-owner, veteran restaurateur Bobb Nowicki. Haug creates the recipes and bakes and decorates each scrumptious little treat herself, so you know they've got to be good.

There are combos with all kinds of flavor layers, like the dreamy chocolate cupcake filled with coconut haupia cream and topped with peanut butter frosting. And there are the classics, like the vanilla cupcake finished with sprinkles and luscious vanilla buttercream.

You can even go all out with playful design motifs. Haug can create orders themed around everything from butterflies to stars, and even your favorite movie characters.

Perfect for parties and special events, the cupcakes can be ordered in any amount, from just a few to 100 or more.

Looks like you found yourself a sugar mama.

For more info, or to place an order, call 808.852.8595, email or visit the Baby Cakes Facebook page here. You can also check out Baby Cakes at the First Friday Shop, Bop & Grind event next week Friday, August 7. And, make sure to keep an eye out for the first Baby Cakes walk-in shop, opening in Honolulu soon.