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Lei ChicYou like to think you’re pretty book smart. Like captain of the mathletes in high school, book smart.

In fact, you were working on your Mensa application when it hit you – the rude awakening that comes from the smell of a frozen pizza burning to a crisp and the realization that your cooking chops are anything but Ivy League. 

 Lucky for you there’s a cheat sheet for whipping up a show-stopping meal. Created by Alan Wong Ph.D. (that’s Dr. of Deliciousness), the newly released The Blue Tomato is your study guide for how to increase your yum-factor to the power of x.

With recipes that highlight Wong’s award-winning Hawai‘i regional cuisine, like Opakapaka with Dried Scallop Risotto Chawan Mushi and Lobster Lasagna with Tomato-Clam Coulis, you’ll be wowing friends and potential husbands with your newly acquired kitchen prowess.

Plus, the book is chock-full of beautiful photos, factoids on Hawai‘i’s favorite foods and tips. And while the recipes are sometimes complex, Wong breaks down the steps into easily digestible chunks.

Studying up on a little food for thought?
Now that's using your noodle.

Get your copy this Saturday at the Kuahiwi Ranch tent at the KCC Farmers’ Market where Chef Wong will be conducting a demo and signing copies. The Blue Tomato is also available online at