Bust out of the white room

Many times, when people buy a new home or are staging to sell, they are gripped with the need to keep it safe, with neutrals everywhere, and never break out of the mold to create a unique space. On the other hand, many who do feel creative, go overboard, and each room ends up feeling like something out of a Fellini movie.

HGTV tackles the dilemma of boring white space with their “White Room Challenge,” in which designer contestants have to transform such a room into something fabulous, based on a theme of the week. Honolulu-based designer Melissa Rivera-Torres of Unleash Studio was a recent contestant, and she brought her industrial-design talent to the table in a colorful (and sweet) episode.

Fresh off the excitement of the show, I caught up with Rivera-Torres at Fishcake, where they held a screening for the episode, and where many of her pieces can be found. She gave tips on transforming your white room and shared some of her insights on style and design.

Watch the video for an interview with Melissa Rivera-Torres: