Business is Blooming

Roberta Oaks' Japanese floral Aloha shirts

Japan. The motherland of some really amazing things.

Sushi. Sake. Really scary movies (Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift still gives you nightmares.)

And incredibly well-fitted men's Aloha shirts.

We should probably explain that one…

See, Roberta Oaks' latest wave of Aloha shirts just hit the floor, and this time, they're made out of incredibly soft cotton by way of Japan in fun, eye-catching floral prints.

Consider this the sequel to Oaks' first Japanese Florals collection, released two year ago. But, unlike most sequels, it's even better than the original – think tight, modern collars, rounded hems, chest pockets and tiny snap buttons, each lovingly stomped on with a foot press. Your man will walk out with a fresh, stylish take on 'business' attire.

With its ultra-flattering slim cut, we figured you'd also want one for yourself (menswear is a totally hot trend, after all). So we snagged this exclusive discount: mention Lei Chic and Oaks will grant you 15 percent off the collection through Sunday.

All you have to do is say domo arigato.

$105-$115, Roberta Oaks, 19 N. Pauahi St. Save 15 percent off all Japanese floral Roberta Oaks Aloha shirts in-store and online with the code LOVELEICHIC through Sunday.