Bury Your Feelings

Lei ChicOMG UR so 2faced!

That’s the Sunday morning, post-party text that wakes you from a mojito-induced slumber.

You rack your brain, trying to remember.

What RU talking abt?

My ex! U were all over him!

As the messages fly back and forth, fuzzy memories from the night before begin to emerge. You were blitzed. You were totally out of line to hit on your BFF’s former man. But in your defense, she did call you a “glorified secretary.” To the whole bar. Seems like both of you have mud on your hands.

Stop further erosion of your friendship by apologizing with a plantable greeting card from Green Field Paper Company. The eco-chic cards are made of biodegradeable paper imbedded with wildflower seeds and come printed with pretty blooms, orchids and trees.

All your BFF has to do is: 1) accept your apology, 2) wet the card thoroughly and 3) plant it a quarter inch deep. The paper will naturally disintegrate and she’ll be left with a gorgeous bouquet that will last a lot longer than that ex did.

It’s a way of burying the hatchet you can dig.

Green Field Paper Company plantable cards are avialable at Fresh Inc. Stationary, Windward Mall, Kaneohe, 808.236.3203.