Burn After Reading

www.leichic.comAfter spending hours in the returns line at Best Buy last year, your boyfriend is dropping oh-so-subtle hints about this year’s Christmas gifts. Like: What were you smoking when you decided against the Wii?

Maybe there is something that will light his fire a little more this year. Like a box of Kaua‘i Cigar Company stogies, made with tobacco grown on the Garden Isle. Kaua‘i Cigars have a strong, refined taste from slow-drying the tobacco in climate-controlled barns on a plantation near Kapa‘a, where the climate is similar to Cuba’s. As the only cigar producer in Hawai‘i, they’ve kept it simple and local by selling just one signature smoke: the “Island Prince.” It comes in two flavors, light and dark. Kinda gives a whole new (and legal) spin to the phrase “homegrown.”

So tuck a box of these little babies under the tree.
He’ll be so happy, he’ll swear that smoke got in his eyes.

Find Kaua‘i Cigars at ABC Stores and Tamura’s Fine Wines in Kailua and Honolulu. Check www.kauaicigar.com/retailers.html for more locations.