Budget These In

CHIEF Hawaii's new upcycled clutches.

You’re deep in the wardrobe red and rapidly losing interest. Your style sheets aren’t balancing and you are way below the cute margin. Your fashion business is in need of some serious R/D. Time to send a memo to your personal CFO (Chief Fashion Officer), designer Lynn Dagan of apparel and accessories line CHIEF Hawaii.

Dagan—who’s also a full-time ER nurse and mother of three—has been on the style scene for years, selling vintage designer finds and repurposed clothing online and in stores such as Blue Hawaii Surf. The latest additions to her stock? Killer patchwork clutches crafted from cute layered fabrics. And at no more than $60 a pop, it’s just the thing to stuff your closet without breaking the bank.

Think demure lace doileys with glimpses of vibrant patterns beneath. Smaller pouches are available with fun fringes bordering Southwest prints. You’ll especially love what a merger of roominess and versatility they are—try them as makeup bags, purses or iPad cases.

Instructions from your CFO are in: Time to make some new acquisitions. (I guess you’ll be getting your year-end bonus a little early.)

Talk about a commercial success.

$25–$60 at shop.chiefhawaii.com. Also available at Kira Hawaii and Blue Hawaii Surf (488-8811), both in Pearlridge Uptown.