Bringing Sexy Back

Police Officer: Ma’am, we’re going to have to charge you with obstruction of and failing to yield to dangerous curves.

You: But, officer, I’m just trying to play it safe.

P.O.: We understand that, ma’am, but we’re taking you into custody to assure you don’t return to hiding out in baggy, loose maxi dresses and oversize babydoll tops.

You: But I don’t have anything else to wear!

P.O.: If you really want to beat this rap, you need to do some hard shopping time. We’re assigning your case to local designer Florencia Arias, whose new line of dresses, tops and skirts are made from unique natural modal fabric. Similar to rayon, it’s thin and drapey but clingy and soft too. Her tops, skirts and dresses are as comfortable as your favorite cotton jersey pieces but they cling and stretch just where they need to. It’s an approach inspired by her native Argentina, where figure fugitives like you wouldn't survive. Standard issue outfits include shorter hemlines, low-cut backs and daring keyhole accents.

You: I hope I don’t’ have to pay a big fine too.

P.O.: No, most of Arias’s pieces are between $30 and $70, and they’re all made right here on island. So you have no excuse to continue with these crimes of fashion.

You: Yes, sir. I’m making my most wanted list now.

Florencia Arias’s fall collection is available online at and at Bamboo Sky, 401 Kamake‘e Street; Shasa Emporium at Kahala Mall; and coming soon to The Butik, 1067 Kapi‘olani Boulevard.