Bras Yourself

Lei Chic We're friends, right?

Friends who are close enough to tell each other everything.

And by everything, we mean bras.

Yep. We're gonna go there.

Because Dolce now carries super sexy-slash-sweet Chan Luu bralettes, and you're going to want to check them out.

You know Chan Luu. Goddess of the beaded wrap bracelet. Who also designs slightly slouchy, effortlessly cool apparel and now soft, delicate, sequined bralettes to go under that apparel.

Lei Chic Think a sporty triangle top with elastic band in a sexy snakeskin print. Or a doeskin halter with subtle sheen. Or, to really up the glam factor, a sequin tiered bralette in black, bronze or nude. And since they're all made from super silky viscose, they won't itch or irritate your skin.

Each one looks gorgeous peeking out from under a low-cut tank, sheer blouse or mesh sweater (note: that hot outfit above is totally shoppable at Dolce) for a glamorous, flirty look that never screams "I'm trying too hard."

As long as you don't wrap it around your wrist.

$65 each, available at Dolce, Ward Centre. For more information, call (808) 596-9436.