Brand new and eco-friendly

Here’s a home that’s so new, the contractor’s punch list—the document used to coordinate the completion of a construction project—isn’t even done yet. But in light of today’s movement to “live green,” it’s an exciting home to talk about immediately.

In July, I blogged about Kanu Hawaii’s energy-saving challenge, a move that doesn’t just reduce your carbon footprint, it saves money, as well. In this home, you can win Kanu’s energy challenge every day of the year.

Located on Kaneohe Bay Dr., this custom home is built with 2-by-6 construction, meaning the walls are thicker and are fully insulated even between the floors, which is an additional barrier to keeping noise out. Non-toxic paint and a layer of mildecide was also used to prevent any potential problems.

To add to green-ness and energy efficiency, there are dual pane windows and Sunburst Shutters throughout the home. Sunburst Shutters are window treatments that are recyclable or have some recycled content in them, and give thermal protection to help with long-term energy savings.

In addition to the structure, all the stainless steel appliances are energy efficient; the bathrooms feature low-flow showerheads and low-flow dual flush toilets for water conservation; the exhaust fans and lights in all bathrooms are on automatic timers; the attic fans are solar powered; and there’s an on-demand tankless gas water heater system. I’m rattling off details from an extensive list of eco-friendly features on this home, but if you want to see the entire file, click here.

It’s not just about the energy efficiency; the home is pretty huge, with five bedrooms and bathrooms under 3,572 square feet of living space. Each of these bedrooms, in fact, has their own walk-in closet. There’s also a completely separate one-bedroom, one-bath suite for guests or extended family. (Click here for details.)

The home features covered courtyards and lanais with views of the Koolaus and Kaneohe Bay, making it seem like a mini-hotel.

The lot is 11,147 square feet, which is plenty of room for the three-car garage and a large driveway for guest parking.

Money talk: $1,795,000 fee simple
Contact: Cynthia Nash, Century 21 Kailua Beach, 808-222-3291,