Booster Shots

Public displays of dancing. Beer goggles. Interesting sleeping arrangements with strangers.

Good decisions are the first casualty of a night out drinking. But with this crop of new liquors, enriched or otherwise to do your body good, you can at least start the night with a wise choice.

Because let’s face it, for the next few hours, intelligence isn’t what you’re going to be known for.

Lei Chic Buzz-worthy
Perk up your pau hana with Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka. Hand-crafted in small batches from Columbian coffee beans, caramel, and burned sugar, this spirit smells and tastes just like a smooth, rich cup of espresso and packs a caffeinated punch. Mix with chocolate or hazelnut liqueurs, or Kahlua cream for the tastiest of martinis. Available at Hawai'i Southern Wine & Spirits, 155 Kapalulu Pl., 808.591.8825 and Fujioka's Wine & Spirits, 2919 Kapiolani Blvd., 808.739.9463. For more info, visit

Lei ChicBerry Nice
The refreshing and crisp tasting VeeV Acai Spirit blends a distilled wheat spirit with 100 percent all natural ingredients, like vitamin A-loaded prickly pear, Acerola cherry, and the Brazilian Acai berry—one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits in the world, jam-packed with vitamins C and E, calcium, fiber, protein, and Omega 3’s. Available by the bottle at Liquor Collection at Ward Warehouse. Get a pour at Kincaid's at Ward Warehouse, 808.591.2005, and at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurants throughout Hawai'i. For more info, click here.

Lei ChicAlternative Energy
It’s Friday night and you’ve got an energy crisis on your hands. Don't forgo the party—mix up a drink with super premium Lotus Vodka. Dreamt up by a former Yahoo exec, Blue Lotus has a boost of caffeine, and the clean, mellow White Lotus contains a blend of ginseng and vitamins, including B and C, that help battle the hangover. Sounds like a double to you. Not sold in stores yet in Hawai'i, but you can snag some online for the pre-party. Click here for more info and few flavorful Lotus cocktail recipes.