Body and Sola

Your fashionable outfits put on a good front. But what lies beneath is a list of problems.

Your boyshorts always bunch up. Your bikinis are too teeny. And your g-strings get wedged up where no fabric should be.

Enter Sola2 undies, the latest offering from television and film costumer and local designer Marie-Noelle Pouliot's Bali-made clothing line. Pouliot's newest thongs are made of a stretchy, super-soft blend of cotton and spandex, and topped off with a sexy lace trim.

Available in array of sassy fuschia and blue ombre-dyed hues and sweet pastel shades, the thongs feature the same Brazillian back cut as Sola2's bestselling, classic-style undies. And their ultra-flattering V-shape offers the perfect balance of comfort and coverage.

That's a twist on panties you can really get into.

Sola2 undies are sold exclusively in Hawai‘i and can be found at most San Lorenzo Brazillian Bikinis stores and online at