Body and Ghouls

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Your list of potential Halloween costumes is looking pretty scary. And not in a good way.

Flesh-eating zombie? Been done to death. Blood-thirsty vampire? Talk about sucky. Wicked witch? Double, double, not worth the trouble. Bed sheet ghost? Boo-ring!

For a spooktacular get-up that’s truly one-of-a-kind, give local girl and professional body painter Erin Paris a call. Better known as Lady Painte, Paris was trained by world-renowned Disney artisans and has even run her own children’s face-painting business.

More recently she’s freshened her creative palette with sexier adult work, whipping up full-body and partially nude masterpieces for high-fashion photo shoots and daring party-goers alike.

Paint the town red with one of her amazing bat or angel-wing back pieces, transform with a head-to-toe leopard or zebra look, or go for total fantasy with a gothic, Victorian or vintage Asian style design. Or, bring her your own ideas and collaborate.

A full body look takes about an hour to complete and Lady Painte will even bring her brushes to you, so you can be painted in the privacy of your own home. She uses water-based or latex paint, both of which can last for up to eight hours depending on your environment.

So you can forgo the tricky outfit.
And isn’t that a treat?

For more info on Lady Painte's bodypainting services, call 808.391.3622, email or click here.