Blues Unraveler

Sung to the tune of John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland"

Lei Chic You’ve got the afternoon.
There’s a room full of blue.
One thing you want to do.
Discover these
Discovering hues

One style you love every inch of
Distressed, bleached and ripped hems
One pair of vintage jeans cut
Colored and frayed

Lei Chic But if you want green
She’ll make it
Swimming in cool studs
And brackets
She can take your old jeans
And break ‘em
This is bound to be a great style

When your denim is a Wonderland.
The shorts are a wonder (Jess Shedlock uses her hands)
She creates a Wonderland Denim

Lei ChicShe studied fashion in Philly then the U of H
In L.A. she loved the shape of denim cut for the high waist
Now there’s new clothes to sew and
soon in March you’ll find it (at Collins & 8th)
And Bamboo Sky’s line has crochet
With classic blues for your fit

You love ombre?
She’ll make it
Trimming with ikat
On pockets
Lei ChicShe scouts for old jeans
And breaks ‘em
This is bound to be a great style

Your denim is a wonderland.
Her shorts are a wonder (Jess uses her hands)
Her collection is a Wonderland Denim

Photos: Amanda Kutaka

Shop the newest pieces of Wonderland Denim tonight, 6 – 10 p.m at Milk & Honey, 1128 Smith St. along with Matt Bruening’s new collection.
Shedlock’s work is also available at Bamboo Sky, on her etsy shop, and a collab with Bruening will arrive at Collins & 8th in March.