Blonde Shark’s Fierce Waterproof Pouches

So many cute styles—we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Photos from the Blonde Shark Facebook page.


Picture this: You’re going for an innocent dip. There’s no one else around. It’s just you and the wide open sea—and everything that lurks within. Then, you see it: Lunging toward you, ready to kill and thisclose to turning beach day into a serious tragedy. Yep, it’s a killer wave that’s washing ashore—and your towel, clothes and phone just became fish food.


Luckily, there’s something else swimming up from the horizon and it’s got a pretty jawesome solution to your shoreside woes. Blonde Shark is the fierce fashion creation of Courtney Scarlett, a Cali-hippie-turned-Hawai‘i-entrepreneur with a background in retail, fashion, merchandising and apparel design. She’s a big fan of beachside style so when searching for a way to keep her gear dry, the lack of chic options really started to eat at her. Enter Blonde Shark, Scarlett’s line of waterproof pouches launched this year that have designs so sassy, they can swim alongside you all day long.


Edgy Scarlett chose the name as a response to the #mermaidlife hashtag she kept seeing popping up on Insta and designs her pouches for girls with a little more bite to their personalities. The punky Patched Up pouch sports a collage of stickerlike images peppered on a faux denim background, while the Dead Flowers pouch has a provocative, kaleidoscopic closeup of some brilliant tropical orchids. Palms, leaves and cacti make appearances in her designs as well—odes to her Island and California homes—and, of course, our favorite: a Jaws-inspired pick featuring a teeth-bared monster of the deep ready to strike. All the pouches are made with a water-resistant blend of Neoprene and polyester and have the signature Blonde Shark shark-tooth print lining the insides.


Swim with sharks? Don’t mind if we do.