Bling For the Boys in a.wattz dezigns' New Men’s Line

Guys: You need this.



We, the boys of the chic community, are striking back. We’re sick of seeing pink positioned only toward the ladies, girls getting all the accessorizing fun, and fashion-minded fellows getting left behind in the bauble dust. We’re here to hold our own on the line of style and show that guys can be just as fly.


Our first maneuver: Tossing the newest pieces from the first-ever a.wattz dezigns men's line on our arms. Designer Amanda Watkins' beaded beauties for dudes are just the right mix of toned-down bling and turned-up appeal, thanks to a mellow color scheme featuring deep navy, olive and cream—with a few pops of vibrant cerulean and bright teal thrown in for fun. These beaded necklaces and bracelets are perfect for makai or or mauka ensembles, making it an ideal fit for the adventurous lad’s lifestyle. We’re talking no-fuss jewelry: totally sand- and dirt-approved.


And, well, what would you expect from a collab between ultra-cool, hot-stop shop for men Oliver Boutique, and a.wattz dezigns, whose boho ladies’ jewelry has been making waves for years? The two teamed up for this exclusive collection in preparation for the new Olive and Oliver location in Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club, which opens later this spring. We love the way Watkins' eclectic combinations of alternating beads—with monochrome stripes juxtaposed with solids and the odd statement bead—are totally versatile and layerable. Combine two for a totally new effect, or, bonus points: Match your look with your girl’s prettier, tasseled a.wattz dezigns stash.


The effect? Let’s just say: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.


$29–$50. Launching this Friday at Oliver Hawai'i, 49 Kīhāpai St, Kailua, and later this spring at Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club, 412 Lewers St.