Blades of Glory
Last night’s awe-inspiring Olympic women’s figure skating performances have got you dreaming of a career as a professional ice princess.

Too bad your only experience hitting the ice involves chilled crown shots and a triple toe trip to a sit spin on the ground.
Learn how stick your landings a little more gracefully with a few ice skating lessons courtesy of Ice Palace Hawaii’s WeSkate Program.

Beginners can sign up for the Pre-Alpha class which offer 30 minutes of group instruction on the most basic of elements, like skating forwards and backwards, gliding on one foot, and stopping without crashing into rink walls.

Seasoned skaters can perfect their skills in the Advanced Classes, which cover a range of skating techniques.

Want to up your artistic score? Sign up for the Theatre Class, designed to bring out your personal creative style through improvisation and the incorporation of props, such as balls, hoops and ribbons into your skating routine. Looking to pick up a little speed between combinations? Take the Stroking Class, which focuses on improving endurance and rhythm through footwork training. There’s even a Synchronized Skating Class for those who prefer to hit the podium as a pair.

Ice skates are provided for all of the classes.
And the attire is strictly BYOB.
(Bring Your Own Bedazzler)

Register for classes at Ice Palace, 5410 Salt Lake Blvd. For more info, call 808.487.9921 or click here