Birds of a Leather

Lei Chic Bird 1: Whoa, what are you so angry about? You're blasting tweets all the way across the canyon.

Bird 2: There's a giant pig down below that says my style stinks. Thick brows are so last season. Red is definitely not your color. I tried to play it cool, but he's totally ruffling my feathers.

Bird 1: Put the exploding crate down and take a beak at this feather-inspired jewelry by Badkitty Hawaii. Self-taught designer Nicole Yamashiro hand-cuts delicate shapes out of colorful, textured leather she brings back from Japan. Then, she layers the pieces to create eye-catching earrings, or strings them on gold-filled and silver chains for fluttering bracelets and necklaces.

Throw on a single turquoise blue feather necklace for a pop of color, or wear the soft gray and textured cream feather earrings for a subtle, yet stylish look. Either way, you'll score major style points.

Lei Chic Bird 2: I love the way she accents them with tiny sterling silver nuggets for a touch of elegance. Finally, I can slingshot the smirk right off that hog's face!

Bird 1: And since all the leather feather designs in her Etsy shop cost no more than $20, you can afford to peck up more than one.

So get ready to take your look to a whole new level.

This line is a total game-changer.

Badkitty Hawaii's leather feather jewelry, $18 to $20, available on Etsy.