Birds and Bees

It would be easier if people had instructive signs. Like when you have a super-tight deadline at work: Talk At Your Own Risk. Or when you’re feeling frisky: Open for Business. Okay, you have a signal for that. But sometimes your body needs preparation for up-and-coming activities, to keep things moving smoothly.

No shame. Honey Girl Organics, a local all-organic, all-natural skincare line, has a brand-new product to help. Today they launched an all-natural, edible personal lubricant (in addition to a new exfoliating papaya seed facial cleanser and luminous night cream).

www.leichic.comHoney Girl believes you should put on your skin only what you’d put in your body—not products full of chemical ingredients that should say Caution: Toxic Substance.

Their new personal lubricant is safe to use inside and out, it contains no parabens, petroleum products, fragrance, hormones, silicones, or glycerin—just nature’s core nutrients: organic extra virgin olive oil, purified water, organic beeswax, organic honey, organic vitamin E and propolis, a natural antibacterial bees produce to clean and seal their hive.

www.leichic.comA few sweet touches reverse dryness, deepen sensation, and stick around to give your private moments that extra boost.

So you’re clear to Merge Ahead.

For a full list of stores in Hawaii that carry Honey Girl products, or to buy online, visit