Michael Keany

Former executive editor Michael Keany graduated from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa with a degree in journalism, and has been writing and editing for HONOLULU Magazine since 2004.



UH President David McClain

A Don’t-Miss Exhibit

courtesy of the Honolulu Academy of Arts HEADS UP: Sunday, May 14, is the last chance for Honolulu residents to take in an impressive collection of precontact Pacific Island artifacts, on public display for the first time at the Honolulu…

Design Matters

DESIGN MATTERS MEET THE DESIGNERS DESIGNING THE ISLANDS TAKE HOME DESIGN DESIGN MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN OUR LIVES. That's easy to forget, because great design is often invisible. The iPod receives obsessive press, but who gives a second thought to…

Designing the Islands

Architecture and its kindred disciplines bring us design at its most prominent and enduring. Here are just some of the people in the islands who are designing today’s buildings, homes, interiors and landscapes.

Media: The UnKINEdest Cut

The weekly traditional Hawaiian music radio show Territorial Airwaves has been banished from the FM dial. On Jan. 15th, local radio station Hawaiian 105 KINE FM replaced the 27-year-old program with a high-rotation mix of popular Island hits. Harry B.…

Bali Hale

A Lanikai home avoids the blue-roof McMansion syndrome, with natural materials, exotic hardwoods and not too much house.

Single in Honolulu

A peek into the sometimes daunting,sometimes exhilarating world of Island singles.

THE HONOLULU 100 – Introduction

To celebrate the city and county of Honolulu's centennial anniversary, Honolulu Magazine honors 100 noteworthy citizens from throughout the past 100 years.

Hands-on Museum

The venerable Bishop Museum steps into the 21st century with its new Science Adventure Center. Go ahead–touch the exhibits.

Music Review

Sean Na'auao - Ka 'Eha Ke Aloha, Poi Pounder Records

40 Things Every Local Must Do

Locals in Hawai'i have their own ideas on everything, from how food should taste to how holidays should be celebrated. We've even got our own way of speaking the English language.

40 Things Every Local Must Do

21. Drown a graduate in lei. Funny how it creeps up on you. One day, you're the 17-year-old graduate, dizzy from the smell of pikake or maile. Then, before you know it, you get a graduation announcement in the mail,…

The 25 Most Expensive Homes On O‘ahu

This summer, the median price of an O‘ahu home topped $610,000. You’d practically have to be a millionaire just to buy in, say, Mililani Mauka. But if you think those prices are crazy, just wait until you see…

Changing Keys

O'ahu's biggest falsetto contest heads into a second decade without its namesake.

Best of Honolulu 2005

The Best of Honolulu 2005. Including Best Burger, Best Kim Chee, Best Furniture, best baby shops, comedy shows, best cakes, best toy shops, best cat and dog amenities, best supermarket and more

Q+A Andy Irons

Pro surfer and Hanalei native Andy Irons last month became the first Hawai'i surfer to win three consecutive annual Association of Surfing Professionals World Championships. By the end of the 2004 season, Irons had accumulated a huge 1,200-point lead over…

Hot Shots

Photographer G. Brad Lewis gets closer to lava than you’d ever want to.

How to Talk to Your Legislator

Election season has come and gone, to the relief of many. But your chance to participate in this democracy didn't end on Nov. 2. In fact, you may have a better shot at getting heard now, with the opening of…

50 years of Christmas

The Queen’s Medical Center Auxiliary celebrates its 50th, and last, Festival of Trees.

Tree Love

Arbor Day is a tricky holiday. The national celebration of tree planting is on the last Friday in April, but since it's a holiday uniquely dependant on weather, many states observe it during a more clement time of year. Hawai'i,…

Kapi‘olani Breast Center

It’s getting easier to be conscientious about breast healthcare—with the opening of the Kapi‘olani Breast Center in May, all the tools women need are now under one roof.

How much is your home worth now?

Illustration: Scott ThigpenWe took a look at which O’ahu areas are hottest, how much homes in your neighborhood are selling for and how to buy a home when you think you can’t afford one. Plus, a historical perspective on Honolulu’s…

The life of an O‘ahu house

We took a look at 10 single-family houses up for sale in neighborhoods all over the island and researched what they sold for over the years.

Right-Side Up

In 1999, HONOLULU Magazine did a story on the plight of the upside-downers-those homeowners who bought at the peak of the early '90s real estate bubble and then saw their home values drop below what they had paid. Such owners…

Crunk 101

DJ Betty is making a name for herself. She's spun for crowds of 1,500 at clubs such as Zanzabar and Volcanoes, has her own business cards and is planning to distribute her own mix CDs. Not bad for a 16-year-old…

Driving Maui Mad

Taking the road test for a drivers' license has never been pleasant, but the experience brought Kalai Ing, 24, to tears. She says that while taking her test two years ago in Kahului, Maui, the examiner yelled at her while…

Who Loves Liliha?

There's nothing like a little self-affirmation to boost a town's stock. For 12 years now, Kailua has thrown an annual party celebrating its own residents and businesses. Event organizers say the shindig has been instrumental in Kailua's revitalization.Corinne Ching, 27th…