Best of Biting Commentary 2017: Editors’ Favorites

In case you missed it—12 of our favorite Biting Commentary stories of 2017.

From our favorite pizzas to locally made acai bowls in Kahuku to a shop in ‘Aiea serving spiked froyo, here are my favorite Biting Commentary blogs of 2017.


1. Farm Friday: Locally Grown Acai at Kahuku Farms

(Published on April 28)

Kahuku Farms started growing acai palms eight years ago, and has started making its own acai bowls at the farm’s roadside café this year.
Photo: Courtesy of Kahuku Farms


2. 5 of Our Favorite Pizza Places in Honolulu

(Published on July 12)

The pizza from Flour & Barley made our favorites list.
Photo: Katrina Valcourt


3. Larry’s Bakery Closing After 57 Years

(Published on May 8)

Lance Yafuso, whose father, Larry, started the business back in the ’60s, says he’s closing the bakery—and this food truck—for good at the end of May.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


4. After 57 Years, ‘Ono Hawaiian Foods is Closing for Good

(Published on June 28)

At ‘Ono Hawaiian Foods on Kapahulu Avenue, Louis Johnson attempts to fit the whole lau lau in his mouth while his mother, Ally Johnson, holds him back.
Photo: Eleni Lorin Gill


5. We Tried This: Instacart

(Published Oct. 16)

My Petco and Safeway delivery from Instacart.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


6. 4 Desserts You Have To Eat Now

(Published on April 26)

Grandonas from Let Them Eat Cupcakes are a cross between a malassada and a croissant—and made our must-try list.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


7. First Look: Silk Road Café

(Published on March 3)

The lulya shashlik from Silk Road in Downtown.
Photo: Lavonne Leong


8. An Intoxicating Twist on Froyo at Island Yogurt

(Published on Aug. 25)

Island Yogurt in ‘Aiea started selling spiked yogurt this year.
Photo: Courtesy of Island Yogurt


9. Farm Friday: 2 Lady Farmers in Wai‘anae

(Published on Aug. 18)

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


10. First Look: Herringbone Waikīkī

(Published on Aug. 7)

The popular buffalo octopus at Herringbone Waikīkī.
Photo: Courtesy of Herringbone Waikīkī


11. So What, Exactly, Does a Master Sommelier Do?

(Published on May 24)

Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Okubo


12. A Lesson in Sustainability from Via Gelato

(Published on Dec. 4)

A mix of banana fudge and Fierce Chocolate in a ceramic bowl created by Via Gelato owner Melissa Bow. Her second location at ward village opened in December.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox