[Best of 2015] Keani Jewelry’s Aquatic Designs Are Making Waves

You'll love this ocean-inspired accessories brand.



We're reminiscing about some of our favorite stories from 2015! Take this story on lust-worthy bauble brand from Maui, Keani Jewelry. Her ocean-inspired bangles, rings and necklaces stole our beach-loving hearts but, since this story ran, designer Keani branched out with another, more terrestrial-inspired, muse. Her mini Lau Nani Line features palm- and banana-leaf rings and a palm blade cuff that are the embodiment of Island chic. 



It may take a second to get your sea legs, folks, so take it easy for the beginning of our cruise. If you’re feeling a bit queasy, remember that being up on deck is much gentler on landlubber stomachs. Plus, you’ll have a much better view of the sea creatures up here, and we’re expecting an entire marine menagerie today. No, no, not from the waves! We’ve got in the hold a slew of Keani Jewelry that you will definitely want to reel in, and we’ll be toting it up so you can catch a glance.

Keep your eyes peeled for the frisky He‘e collection, where wavy tentacles wrap wrists and fingers in gorgeous, 14-karat-gold-plated rings and bracelets. Keep your wits about you when you spot the edgier Manō collection, where gold and silver shark teeth make dramatic, dangling earrings, hoops, studs and pendants. Our personal favorite collection? The gorgeous Manta Mystique, in which gorgeous manta rays grace rings and cuffs for an unconventional look.

Maui-based designer Keani Barnes started crafting her precious line of aquatic accessories five years ago while pregnant. It wasn’t until her kids were older that she really dove into her business. Now, Keani Jewelry sends out daily orders to customers worldwide and has seeped into more than 15 stores across the state. The latest to wade into the waters of Barnes’ designs? The new Royal Hawaiian Center boutique Pink Sand and Sand People locations across the island. And don’t be surprised if you start seeing more Keani Jewelry on your feed: Hot fashion bloggers Rocky Barnes and Rebekah Steen are piling on these chic pieces to add to their beach babe looks.

And stay on the lookout for more as we cruise on! Look for a Keani Jewelry urchin collection and banana leaf collection later this year.

Looks we’re not the only ones expecting smooth sailing ahead.
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