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Find out where to go to feel younger, radiant, refreshed and more beautiful than ever before.

Find Alignment and Inner Peace

Spa treatments are great for smooth skin, a relaxed body and picture-perfect nails. But a true spa experience is about so much more. “It’s not just about outer beauty,” says Spring Chang, Director of Spa and Recreation at The Kāhala Hotel and Resort. “It’s about inner beauty and the intentions you set forth.”


Each signature massage and treatment at The Kāhala Spa begins with Ho‘omaka, a cleansing and relaxing foot massage that sets a relaxing, pampering tone. Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals essence formulas are also incorporated into the start of each spa experience. Made on the Big Island, these formulas come in various flavors, created to help you do everything from clear indecision and repetitive thinking (Ti – for a clear mind) to learn and express your true feelings (Lehua – to feel).


“It’s not just about outer beauty. It’s about inner beauty and the intentions you set forth.” – Spring Chang, Director of Spa and Recreation at The Kāhala Hotel and Resort.


After the Ho‘omaka ritual, a wide range of treatments is available to heal, relax, detoxify, rejuvenate and renew. Of course, “It’s not just about what you put on your skin,” as Chang says. In addition to the many services and treatments offered by The Kāhala Spa, guests can also enjoy 24-hour access to state-of-the-art cardiovascular and resistance equipment at the CHI Health & Energy Fitness Center, which offers indoor exercise with a peaceful ocean view.


Memberships for the CHI Health & Energy Fitness Center are available for singles, couples, families, or short-term visitors. These exclusive memberships include hotel guest access; parking; pool and beach privileges; as well as discounted rates on spa services, retail items, food and beverage purchases, and exercise classes, including the popular stand-up paddleboard yoga class.


For more information, contact The Kāhala Hotel Resort and Spa at 739-8888, or visit


Get Refreshing Results that Last

When the owner of a sake brewery in Japan noticed how soft the hands of his craftsmen were, he set out to discover their secret. Turns out, it’s in the rice.


Rice Power® Extract, a patented extract from the rice fermentation process, is so light it permeates deep into the skin for hydration beyond the reaches of collagen. This extract is what gives Rice Force, a line of skincare products, its moisturizing power.


When Rice Force is combined with the technology of a HydraFacial, which detoxifies, rejuvenates and protects skin through a non-invasive, non-abrasive process, the Rice Force HydraFacial at Moana Lani Spa gives spagoers clinical results all within the luxury and comforts of a resort spa.


The facial starts with a pampering cleanse, using Rice Force Mild Face Wash and Rice Force Original Washing Brushes, made from goat hair. After an acid peel and some lymphatic drainage, the HydraFacial machine uses Vortex-Fusion to gently exfoliate and extract impurities while simultaneously infusing peptides and antioxidants to further protect the skin. The Rice Force Deep Moisture Lotion, Essence and Cream lock in moisture without any irritation—in fact, studies have shown that Rice Force products are less irritating than distilled water!


Kama‘āina can enjoy the Rice Force HydraFacial with a discount of 15 percent, just for showing a valid ID. But if you’re more serious about taking care of and treating yourself, join Moana Lani’s Kama‘āina Club. With just a $20 enrollment fee, club members receive 30 percent off massage, body and facial treatments, 15 percent off nail and salon services, 10 percent off retail items, complimentary parking, and seasonal exclusive promotions and offers for two years.


For more information, contact Moana Lani Spa in the Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, at 237-2535, or visit