Beauty School Pop-Up

Hot date checklist:

Stylish new threads. Check!
Sexy new stilettos. Check!
Shiny new nail polish. Check!

And boring brown eyeliner and clear lipgloss? Umm, check.

You want to look fresh-faced, but you’ve been doing your makeup the same stale old way since, like, high school.

So head over to Bella Torre Academy’s brand new Chinatown studio. Recently re-located from its old King Street spot, it’s where makeup artists learn the tricks of the trade, and where you can pop in anytime to have one of the pros or students do your makeup.

Learn how to blend concealer to cover dark circles and blemishes, how to contour cheekbones, or how to do an expert smoky eye. The makeup artists are trained using the Make-Up Designory line of cosmetics, which is widely used in the film and TV industry. And once they do your makeup, they’ll teach you how to recreate the looks at home, and you can buy the specialized products too.

Plus, if you drop Lei Chic’s name you’ll get 25 percent off make-up application services and 10 percent off Mud make-up.

Now that’s one glam, bam, thank you ma’am you can look forward to.

Bella Torre Academy Chinatown studio, 918-C Smith Street. For more info, click here.