Beauty School: Golden Girl

Lei Chic Oh, Kim Kardashian.

We see you, running around East Oahu with your hot new rapper boyfriend. While looking absolutely a-ma-zing.

And no, we're not jealous. Not jealous at all.

We've only enlisted the help of Paul Brown makeup artist Jamie Tokumoto to show us a hot new look that will leave us perfectly polished.

You know, for our own frozen yogurt runs.


Lei Chic
Start with a clean, moisturized face. Apply your sunscreen. Starting at the inner corner, pat on a thin layer of concealer under your eyes and blend outward.
Lei Chic Apply foundation using a foundation brush and a base that matches your skintone. Start at the center of your face, concentrating the makeup around your nose and mouth, where skin is typically the most red due to broken capillaries. Using light strokes, blend the foundation toward the outer edges of your face. For a natural, polished look, apply the foundation only where you need it and keep the rest of your skin bare. Finish with a light dusting of powder.
Lei Chic Prep your eyes by smoothing on an eyeshadow primer from your lashline to your brow; a key step if you want your makeup to stay put, especially in Hawaii's humid climate. Then take a flat eyeshadow brush and stipple a shimmery gold shadow onto your lids.
Lei Chic Use a domed brush to apply a brown contour shade in your crease. If you don't have a crease, concentrate the color on the outer edge of your eye and blend inward. Apply a white or cream shadow on your browbone to highlight. Tip: When using multiple colors, balance shimmer with matte shadows to avoid a disco queen look. In this case, the highlight color was matte.
Lei Chic Define your brows with shadow, tracing their shape with a thin brush and feathery strokes. If your brows are black, use a charcoal grey shade that won't overwhelm your face.
Lei Chic Tip: Align the edge of your brush with the side of your nose and corner of your eye. The edge of your eyebrow should follow that same line. If need be, extend your brow using a bit more shadow.
Lei Chic Next comes eyeliner. Tokumoto recommends a black pencil for maximum definition and fuss-free application. Apply a thin line of color in short dashes between your lashes, then smudge slightly with a brush. Finish with a coat of black mascara. Wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes for a lush look, then sweep through the tips to lengthen.
Lei Chic Clean up any smudges or spills with a cotton swab. Tip: To remove fallen eyeshadow, rub a cotton pad between your fingers then brush it gently along your skin. The rough texture will whisk away loose powder. You can also apply your eye makeup before foundation for a cleaner finish.
Lei Chic Use a fluffy brush to apply blush. Start on the apples of your cheeks and blend toward your ear. Choose a light pink or peachy pink shade for a natural glow.
Lei Chic Slick on a layer of pink gloss. If your lips are thin, trace along the outer edges with a nude liner, apply nude lipstick and dab the gloss on the center of your lower lip.

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