Beautiful People, Beautiful Event

Russell Tanoue (left) with Emi Hart (right).

Photos: Michael Keany

Pearl Ultralounge premiered a new monthly event called “Beautiful” last Saturday, March 28.  It was a packed house because who better to host an event called Beautiful than well-known fashion photographer, Russell Tanoue. Pearl was full of an amazing amount of pretty faces—more than I have ever seen in one club at one time.  The room was also filled with business professionals and some local celebrities—I even got a chance to meet Bill Wyland, brother to the artist. 

Highlights of the night were a performance by Anita Hall and an Allure swimwear fashion show by many of the male and female models in attendance. 

Take a look at some photos we took of the night or, watch the video.

The event will continue every last Saturday of the month.

Pearl Ultralounge
Ala Moana Center
Hookipa Terrace, 3rd Level
(808) 944-8000