Beachfront haven

There’s no question, Kailua Beach is one of the nicest beaches on the planet. I know a lot of people focus on the prestige and views living on east Oahu, but the people who get a piece of Kailua’s beachfront to call home are more passionate about their windward paradise.

I often forget how relaxing it is to hang out in Kailua. Despite the amount of growth and traffic to the area over the last 10 years — thanks in part to it being a favorite vacation spot for President Obama — Kailua is still a quiet, sleepy surf town with an undeniable retro feeling. (Depending on where I go, sometimes I actually feel like I’ve driven over the Pali and through a time warp to 1975.)

Recently, a home at 23 Wilikoki Pl. just became available: while it seems to be a pretty penny at $3.6 million, it’s still the second lowest-priced beachfront property in Kailua, and not bad considering the owner paid about $3.5 million for it back in 2007.

The four bedroom, two bath, 2196 square-foot single level bungalow sits on 12,000 square feet of land on a cul de sac, and has walls and fences for added privacy. Although it was built in 1973, it’s well-preserved (which really makes me feel like I stepped into a time warp) but not old looking. In fact, unlike the mansions in the area, it’s quite luxurious in a super laid-back way. 

I can imagine myself taking breakfast or relaxing at the end of the day on the large covered lanai overlooking the water. Heck, the lanai is so huge I could probably do yoga with some friends on it, too. It’s definitely a “lifestyle” house and one that can promote healthy living, with the opportunity to run, swim, kayak, or windsurf right outside your door — not to mention, there are all those coffee houses, farmer’s markets, and the upcoming Whole Foods.

If you haven’t discovered the charm of Kailua, check this one out. Namaste.

Money talk: $3,648,000

Contact: Chris Friese, Kahala Associates, 808-722-5777,