Beach 2 City's new ocean-inspired jewelry

Silver Swoon

Beach 2 City Silver. Unlike Viktoria Komova and the rest of the Russian Olympics gymnastics team, we happen to think silver is pretty great. Even better, perhaps, than gold.


Oh, yeah. You'd think so too, if you saw beautiful sterling silver handcrafted artisan jewelry by Beach 2 City (formerly known as B2C).

We've seen Katharine Rita work with silver before. But this new lineup is impressive – delicate, intricate rings, bangles and necklaces in the form of textured starfish, seahorses, sand dollars and shells, accented with elegant details like freshwater pearls, spherical bands and vintage syn white spinel.

Beach 2 City Rita grew tired of using stock charms in her creations, so she learned how to cast everything by hand, refining her wax and rubber molds to reflect the ocean's simple, timeless beauty. Look closely and you'll find the 29-year-old's fingerprints embedded in the designs; a personal signature and reminder that each piece is unique and made with love.

Which means wearing one will make you feel special, like the winner you are.

Talk about a perfect score.

$42-$64, available at Super Citizen, Kahala Mall. Beach 2 City will also be at The ARTS at Marks Garage, 1159 Nuuanu Ave., tonight, 6-10 p.m. for First Friday. Visit Beach 2 City on Facebook for more information.