Battle of the Dollar Drink

Play Bar has been known for its Wednesday $1 drink nights, but the not-so-new-anymore kid on the block, Senor Frogs, has been promoting a $1 drink night of its own called Juan Dolar Wednesdays.

Here’s the line-up:

Senor Frogs
No cover
Top 40, Latin Hip Hop
Black lights
Tourist, military and local crowd
70/40 male-female ratio
Popcorn handed out
Dance where you want
Validated parking
Play Bar
$6 with complimentary drink for 21+
Hip Hop, Top 40
Club lights
Tourist, military and college crowd
80/30 male-female ratio
Ono Cheese Steaks is two doors down
Dance floor with flashing floor lights
No parking

So, who won the battle of the night?

Senor Frogs. But, why not go to both places? Drinks are only $1. 

Even busier, believe it or not, was Zanzabar. The dance floor was packed, there were lines at the bar for its Wild Wednesday promotion, and they did it with a $10 cover and no drink specials.