Back to Nature

The lush outdoor island environment inspires a lot of what you wear – from natural fiber fabrics to stylized flower and plant graphic prints.

And while you’ve long ago outgrown your rhinestone plumeria earrings, your grown-up bling could still go a little more au naturel.

Honolulu jewelry designer Catherine Weitzman interprets the Islands ’ natural elements for a woman’s body.

Her stunningly elegant earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are handcrafted from precious metals cast from objects found in nature, www.leichic.comwhether it's wana spines fashioned into a gold cuff bracelet, a coral or branch pattern forming a band ring, or new next month, flower petals transformed into pendants and starfish into drop earrings.

Some are crafted solely from inspiration, like bubble and ebi necklaces or catacomb bracelets, and all take traditional Hawaiiana jewelry to the next level.

The idea for the line originates from Catherine’s and her husband and co-creator Scott Diamond’s everyday experiences living in Hawai‘i. But you’ll likely find your own connection with the elements that inspire the design—whether water, forest, stones or www.leichic.complants.

Talk about a natural beauty.

Available at The Butik, 1067 Kapiolani Blvd. , Suite A-3, 808. 593.4484, Riches at Kahala Mall, 808.737.3303, and other locations. See the list and also shop online at