Baby Bloomers

Lei Chic Newton. Wise man. Strong grasp on physics.

Also, on pregnancy (just go with it).

See, you've been noticing that as your belly expands, your wardrobe options shrink considerably. Definitely an equal and opposite reaction.

You start off buying a few sizes up. Then, you switch to empire waist tunics and dresses. Eventually, you resort to elastic waistbands, and by the end, you're living in the only pair of shorts that will fit.

Which wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to still, you know, go out in public.

That brings us to our next scientific discovery: Allison Izu's new maternity denim collection, available now.

Lei Chic Talk about a revelation. Izu took the sleek styles of her petite denim line and made them pregnancy-friendly. So, instead of battling an unforgiving button and zipper closure, you get a yoga band top, which you can wear over your belly or fold underneath. Even better, the nylon spandex is stretchy yet still holds its shape, so there's no urge to constantly pull up your pants.

All the denim, no matter the wash, is stretchy and lightweight for maximum comfort, and each design was personally, and thoroughly, road tested by Izu herself (she's expecting a baby boy in two weeks!) to ensure every detail is perfect.

With all that hard work out of the way, your part is easy. Just sign up for a free membership to keekoo, an online maternity store, click through Izu's six styles of maternity denim, and score any pair for 53 percent off its retail price, plus free shipping. Soon, you'll be working a dark denim trouser, rolled capri, or even a skinny jean, no matter how big your belly gets.

Now that's genius.

$69, available on until Friday, August 31 at 6 p.m. HST. We'll post an update when the styles become available on or e-mail with inqueries.