B.D’Angelo Jewelry’s Stunning New Fortitude Collection

There’s a lot of fight in this ferocious, industrial-inspired collection.


Once upon a time, a damsel in distress gazed out the window of her locked tower, wishing a knight would ride up and release her from the prison in which the evil witch had placed her. She imagined how he’d raise his sword and shield high, deflecting all the witch’s magical blows, and slice through the thicket of thorns surrounding the tower.


… Until the damsel snapped out of it. “This ain’t the dark ages, honey,” she told herself. “If you want to bibbity bobbity blow this Popsicle stand, don’t wait on a man or magic to do it for you.”


She knew she’d have to armor up if she was going to get through the dark forest, and being the stylish damsel she was, she reached for something chic: the new Fortitude collection from B.D’Angelo. This uber-fierce collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings comes in sterling silver or 18K gold vermeil and is just the firepower she’d need to keep her edgy aesthetic on point. Designer Marissa Beatrice forged the minimal creations into sleek shapes with an industrial feel that are ready to do bauble battle: serious spikes, shield silhouettes and etched lion’s heads included.


This stout-hearted set of beauties has been a long time in the making—Beatrice has been painstakingly sketching, shaping and designing since last year—and the result is a collection we wouldn’t mind squiring us to our next event. Plus, the wearable pieces are versatile enough to become everyday staples in your accessorizing arsenal: We could see wearing that sleek lion’s head shield ring and shield silhouette cuff no matter where we melee, and the stunning Balance ring, complete with spikes, a chunky band and a single, delicate sapphire, has us up in amour.


As for our damsel? She ditched that tower with some shining armor that didn’t require a sir. Now that’s some she-valry we can get behind.


$104–$280, available at bdangelo.com.