Ava Sky’s First-Ever Fit Collection

This new activewear is here just in time for New Year's resolutions.


Welcome to the new year? You like to think more along the lines of “taking it on.” Kind of like a friendly wrestling match. Hey, new year: Want to be sparring partners? After all, you have a whole list of New Year's resolutions you’re ready to kick in the butt, including some fitness goals you can’t wait to tackle. K.O.

… Er, starting tomorrow. OK, so you’re still in need of some motivation, because after a year of letting it all slide by, awakening the warrior is a bit hard. How about a sweet suit of armor that’s cute enough to get your spirits up off the couch and ready for battle? We’re talking about Ava Sky’s first-ever Fit collection, released last Friday (just in time for resolution season!).

These pieces can be worn from workout mat to jogging trail to Pacific Ocean, thanks to soft, waterproof fabric and sturdy construction that will keep them firmly on your tush between down-dogs and hang 10s. You’ll find slinky, ankle-length yoga pants and workout shorts to pair with supportive bandeau bra tops, racer-front tanks and strappy crops that will really put up a fight, come frisky waves or a particularly intense yoga sesh.

On the hunt for pretty patterns? Look no more: The repertoire of designs in the Fit collection pulls its fair share of punchy prints, with dainty florals and perfectly on-trend palm leaves. Looking for more solid reinforcements? Classic shades, such as serene blue and go-to black, have got your back.

Your army of sharpness is here. Go get ’em, girl.

$40–$88, Fighting Eel, 1133 Bethel St., 738-9300.