Aloha United Way’s 211 Helpline Goes Above and Beyond

(Sponsored) During the COVID-19 pandemic, inquiries to the 211 service increased dramatically. AUW responded by hiring additional 211 Specialists and expanding hours of operation.



Photo: Courtesy of Aloha United Way



When Amy began working as a Specialist for Aloha United Way’s (AUW) 211 Helpline, she knew she was providing a service for people in need. What she didn’t realize was how much she would be positively impacted by the people who called. One morning she received a call from a woman named Lea, who was reaching out on behalf of an older neighborhood friend who lived alone and needed support.


“In just this one call … Lea gave me something that I didn’t know I needed. She gave me hope,” said Amy, a 211 Helpline Specialist. “She reminded me that in Hawai‘i, we look out for each other. Sometimes strangers become friends, and eventually family.” Amy provided Lea with information about local nonprofits that could deliver food and social services to Lea’s older friend. 



This year, community needs remain at an all-time high, and many are still struggling. Please stand with Aloha United Way, the AUW 211 Helpline, 1000+ companies, organizations, and government agencies, and 349 partner agencies to respond to the community needs that are still running very high. To move Hawai‘i forward toward a true recovery, we must ensure that all community members can thrive—this will take courage, responsiveness, and partnership. It will take all of us to Move Forward Together.


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