Author: Lori Anne Tomonari

Mind Meals on Wheels

Hawai‘i Literacy’s traveling library delivers books to children and families on the Wai‘anae coast.

Lighting the Way

The Hawai‘i Children’s Cancer Foundation raises awareness and hope for local cancer patients and survivors.

Chinatown Now

MORE THAN ANY OTHER O‘AHU NEIGHBORHOOD, CHINATOWN IS A DIFFERENT PLACE FOR EVERYONE WHO VISITS. For some, it’s a bustling marketplace, full of bargains and unique items. For others, it’s an arts district that comes alive on the first Friday…

Bringing it Back

Lana’i youth gain confidence and experience in an industry that’s very close to home: Tourism.

Cooking Up Success

Paul Onishi’s alternative program is leading Farrington’s at-risk students into the kitchen and back into the classroom.

Above and Beyond

Hawai’i Canines for Independence raises puppies to do a lot more than fetch. Service dogs are helping local residents gain back their independence.

To Do List

Use this checklist to change your humdrum office cube into a space that’s colorful, decorative and, dare we say, fun.

From the Heart

An innovative adoption process gathers local photographers and community members with one goal: to find homes for all of Hawai’i’s children.

Behind the Scenes

Some nonprofits exist to boost other nonprofits. Their work receives less publicity, but is just as important.


Whether made of diamonds and platinum or chocolate and sugar, these gifts are perfect for spring.

Scene: Koi

Taking their lead from L.A.’s hipster scene, the owners of Koi offer Honolulu a little something to change up the nightlife.

Centered on Women

It’s just getting started, but the opening of the Lana‘i Women’s Center takes a few steps in the right direction, bringing much needed counseling and healthcare opportunities to the Pineapple Isle.

Heavy Metal

Don’t have the time? We searched the city to find the hottest men’s watches, from $120 to $3,800.

Q+A: Kenneth Silva

After 24 years with the Honolulu Fire Department (HFD), Kenneth Silva takes on the role of chief. This month, following a three-month-long selection process and a review of 13 internal candidates, Silva was chosen to replace retiring Chief Attilio Leonardi. Silva and the department are also planning to move into the new headquarters in Kaka'ako.

THE HONOLULU 100 - Introduction

To celebrate the city and county of Honolulu's centennial anniversary, Honolulu Magazine honors 100 noteworthy citizens from throughout the past 100 years.

Fabulously Festive

Halloween is just around the corner, but these shops go all out with head-to-toe costumes year round.

River of Life

The truth is, you never know the story of the man on the corner.

Keeping It Local

Hawai‘i Film Partners creates jobs, opportunities and grows Hawai‘i’s indigenous film industry