Author: Jenny Quill

Cache Me If You Can

Geocaching, a high-tech game of hide and seek, isn’t just for geeks or GPS junkies.

TAG Sets the Stage

African-American plays are rarely performed in Honolulu. The Actors’ Group is changing that—and finding box-office success.

A Tight-Knit Group

The Aloha Knitters isn’t your grandmother’s knitting circle, though none of its members would mind the comparison.

From Wave to Table: A "Junk" Fish is Transformed

Web ExclusiveKahala, also known as Hawaiian yellowtail or amberjack, used to be considered an inedible, throwback fish because it’s prone to contracting a poisonous reef toxin called ciguatera, which can cause serious illness in humans. But kähala’s days as a…

From Wave to Table: The Wave of the Future

An artist's rendering of Hawaii Ocean Technology's oceansphere (top). The company hopes to produce about 6,000 tons of ahi.Artist's Rendering: Courtesy of Hawaii Ocean TechnologyBill Spencer is not a fish farmer. But that’s precisely the business he’s wading into. “Frankly,…

From Wave to Table: Water World

Hawaii’s desalinated deep-sea drinking-water business has tapped into a thirsty market, becoming one of the state’s largest foreign exports and, in recent years, raking in as much as $31 million in gross sales. Koyo USA Corp., based in Kona, pumps…

From Wave to Table: Sustainable Seafood 101

You want to eat in an environmen-tally friendly way, but it can be tough to know what to do. Should you, for example, buy the wild-caught bigeye tuna or the farmed tilapia? Would it be better to order wild salmon…

Beer is Coming to Dinner

Ales, stouts and lagers go from the bar to the dinner table in Honolulu’s latest foodie brewhaha, the beer dinner.

CSI: Honolulu

Bugs become crime solvers in the hands of forensic entomologist Dr. Lee Goff.

Night Shift

When the sun goes down, a completely different Honolulu comes to life. For most of us, it’s a time to watch television and then go to sleep, but, for some, it’s time for work. Meet the people who are up all night—making nightlife fun, keeping us safe, and making sure the city is ready to go when we wake up in the morning.

Manoa to Pigs: Drop Dead!

Manoa Residents have more to worry about than just rising property taxes—they’ve got pigs. Here’s what they’re aiming to do about it.

The Learning Curve

Each private school has its own traditions, philosophies, teaching styles and more. How do you find the right match for your child?