At Your Tech and Call

Lei Chic We didn’t want to have this conversation. But we heard the buzz from your tech-ers. We found the disappointing SIM card buried in the bottom of your backpack. Then you flipped out when we just tried to make a call and check our e-mail at the same time.

You are not living up to your potential.

For a smartphone you’re just phoning it in. Believe us, this hertz us more than it hertz you, but you are grounded.

That is unless you can get some extra credit with DeviceKnit.

Founded by two self-proclaimed electronic geeks, the website finds new inventive uses for current gadgets.

You’ll be turned on to simple directions to becoming a garage door opener, a wireless game controller, or a remote for my Pandora account. Then check out four easy-to-follow steps to other innovations such as how to make an Apple magic mouse PC-ready or watch movies downloaded in your Wii.

Instructions come with a list of equipment links you to Amazon for immediate purchasing. And DeviceKnit just launched an e-mail newsletter to keep you plugged in with new discoveries.

So no more excuses.

You have everything you need to ace your wire education.

Check out DeviceKnit on its website. Read the latest or enter to win tech equipment on its Facebook page.